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Monday, 15 June 2009

Everybody must hate call centres

I don't believe anyone can actually like ringing call centres. They are meant to be a form of communication between yourself and a business, and the business is meant to want your custom. However 90% of the time it is almost impossible to get through to a human being.

Press option 1 for an extra hour on hold
Press option 2 for an adviser to cut you off.
Press option 3 to listen to more of this crappy hold music
Press option 4 to make a pointless complaint
Press option 5 for me to repeat these options.

For all other enquiries please hang up and don't try again.

If you do manage to find an option that works for you, and you also manage to withstand listening to a few hours of classical music, the very least you would expect is somebody on the other end of the phone that can actually help you. However this isn't always the case. I have experienced on a number of occasions that once you do get through to the human you were so eager to speak to, they struggle to understand a word you are saying. This is either because they are still learning the English language or they are simply thick as pig shit.

I have no doubt that my blood pressure most go through the roof when calling these "CONtact centres". Even if i am lucky enough not to be waiting long on hold, and do get straight through to an English speaking human, you can still guarantee i will still be passed through to 3 other departments before one of the advisers realises that i am not going to give in and hang up.

Please share with me your call centre nightmares. Or let me know some good companies for customer service and if you were impressed at how they run their call centres.


  1. I've never tried calling one. altough I hear call centre jokes alot, you just proved that there maybe some truth behind it. LOL

  2. haha, so true! I really liked the 'options' part- and it is quite strange that call centre workers are always the ones that can't speak English, the association for deaf people has probably employed them all already.

  3. I am NOT a fan of call centers at all.. especially when they are outsourced to someplace like India or the Philippines.. I don't care how that sounds! lol.. I just am already in a frustrated mode when I have to call a call center.. and it doesn't make it any better if the the agent on the line cannot understand me due to language barriers. Sucks.

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