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Friday, 12 June 2009

Does my bum look big in this?

Why do women insist on asking their husband/boyfriend if a certain dress of a pair of jean makes their bum look fat? No matter what answer the man gives it will be the wrong one. A perfect example that has actually happened to me is:

Girl: Do you think these jeans make my bum look fat?
Me: No (the quick answer without even looking, because i am trying to watch the TV)
Girl: Well look then!
Me *signs* Erm, they do look a bit tight at the top.
Girl: (as she storms off back upstairs) You think I'm fat don't ya? Remind me never to ask you your opinion again.
Me: OK babe.

I wonder how they would react if i just said, "yeah you look like a massive big butt baboon"

Maybe if i ever get depression really bad and want a quick suicide i could try it. Anyway I have learned over the years that we can't win when it comes to questions like this, but it still really frustrates me when asked this impossible question by my wife.

My final few words of wisdom on this subject go to any woman that has done this, or still does this to their partner........

Clothes don't make you look fat...
FAT makes you look fat so don't ask!

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