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Friday, 12 June 2009

People that say LOL after everything

The title is self explanatory, but the reasons as to why people do this has yet to be answered. In today's world of social networks, Chat rooms, groups, forums, email and texts, we have all had to learn a way to express what we are feeling using typed words, but some people are either overdosing on happy pills or lying about how funny something you said was.

Just in case some people reading this have just been born (LOL) means "Laugh out loud" or if it was something really funny, people might put (lMAO) meaning "Laughing my arse off". However the thing that is quite irritating is when people use it after almost every sentence. Why do it? Do you expect me to believe that everything i say is hilarious?

I wonder if it is just becoming a habit for some people. I could actually say to some of my friends on facebook "My mam has just broke her leg" and their reply would be "hope she is ok lol". Now in the real world of face to face communication you wouldn't laugh at me if i had just told you that my mam had broke her leg, well not unless you thought my mam was a complete Muppet that you didn't like very much. However that could never be the case, because my mam is great.

Don't get me wrong i myself use the word "LOL" sometimes, but in most cases i have at the very least smiled about something you said.

If you insist on laughing about everything i type, then try to use different phrases to make it more believable. Instead of using "lol" all of the time, try a "ha ha" one day, or a "he he", or *snigger* or *grin*. Give it a try.

Are you a LOL addict? Let me know.

1 comment:

  1. "either overdosing on happy pills or lying about how funny something you said was"

    so true.

    Now I realize how i say LOL in chats even tough I am really not Laughing out loud. :P

    Thanks for pointing that out! *grin*