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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Chavs - kids that think their hard

Most UK cities have these little viruses loitering around the streets these days. I say Viruses because they are nasty little buggers that have spread across the country at an alarming rate. I am sure other countries with have their own version of these little skid marks, only under a different name.

Basically they are gangs of youths not quite kids anymore but still far from being adults that hang around village centres picking on any normal kid that looks weaker than them, drinking cider, puking cider and pissing in bus stops are to name but a few of their amazing talents.

However in recent times we are reading more and more articles in the newspapers of these "idiots" carrying knifes and even reports of them stabbing some father because he has asked them to move away from the front of his house. Or as a gang they have beat to a pulp some young guy for refusing to buy them their drink from the local shop.

If your not from the uk, but ever come for a visit, you can spot them a mile off. One of the main features of a Chav is they tuck their tracksuit bottoms into their socks...... erm why? I don't know. I used to do it when i was a kid if i was riding my bike in order to stop the bottom of my jeans getting stuck into the cogs. I would remove the socks as soon as i could because it looked so stupid to be walking around like that. Maybe that's why they like it, because it looks stupid and that's how they like to behave.

I just can't see what makes these krankie wannabes the way they are. They have no respect for anyone including their parents. Many people say it is down to their parents for the way the kids have turned out. I would have to agree with that, but it is also the lack of power the police have to do anything about these gangs.

If i had my own way i would just send them all to do 6 month solider training in the army, but hey, that would break their human rights, which in my opinion is another disgrace...... but i will leave that for another moan.

Do you agree with the above?


  1. Chavs are wannabes! I agree! LMAO

    and I heard they are most fond of burberry, is that right?

    Jobless, really.