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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Men are not built for shopping

Can anyone answer this for me please?

Why do women expect me NOT to moan when we are out shopping? It has to be one of the most boring things a man can go through, and something we like to get over and done with as QUICKLY as possible. I shall let you into a few hints as to why i feel most men hate shopping. The first reason and in my opinion the main reason is women like to inspect everything. For example, there is a massive isle filled with bread, loads and loads of bread all equally as soft as each other, yet my wife likes to squeeze everyone before deciding which one she is going to buy (which just so happens to be the last one she picks up).

Now a man (Or should i say most men) would walk down the isle and put a loaf in the trolley and then he's straight round to the next isle, which lets say is fruit and veg. OK so i need an onion...... there you go an onion is in the trolley. I don't need to look at all the onions before picking one. I swear i can actually see women pressing their thumb against the onion.

What the hell for? An onion is meant to be hard.

Anyway that is one reason, i am not gonna go down every isle in the store with you, I'm sure you get what i am saying.

Another reason which can be more annoying than the first is that your wife or partner can often bump into someone they know and decide to have an in depth discussion about how the kids are doing at school, or the 2 week holiday they have just been on. This doesn't help the man in his quest to get out of the building as QUICKLY as possible. At this point, that actual moment in time, if you look at the mans face and see a smile, believe me it is a fake one.

However nothing can be worse for a man than going around ALL the shops with his partner looking for clothes. For god's sake ladies, please understand that men would rather push cocktail sticks into their eyeballs than wait for you to try on every top, skirt, dress, leggings, jacket, cardigan etc from every shop in a 10 mile radius of the city centre, only for you to go back to the first shop you looked in and buy the first thing you tried on.

If there is any men out there that disagree with me and actually enjoy this form of torture, please get in touch and share with the world your secret.

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  1. I am so with you on this, and have been in that boat many times. Great read m8, it made me laugh.