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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Would this bother you?

Not sure if i have some sort of disorder, but sometimes little things can really irritate me. Don't get me wrong i don't smash the house up if i discover the food tins in the cupboard are not facing the right way or find that the toilet roll isn't folded into a neat triangle at the bottom. In fact people that do them sort of things irritate me. Anyway to get to my point, take a look at my contact details located somewhere on the right hand side of this page. My email address is one letter too long for the width of the section, so it looks like this...

"Contact me

Now that might seem like a stupid thing to let irritate me, but i see it every time i view the page, and to me it sticks out like a sore thumb. Would this bother you? Should my wife phone the men in white coats to take me a way and fix my brain? I refuse to believe it's just me with which something like that would be irritating.

Let me know.

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